This is for my imaginary friend Ned and his (my) obsession with Powerbars.

The UGLY ‘:^)’ faces are out to get your POWER. Punch them and absorb their souls. Eventually you will encounter The Elderly Lady who should NOT be underestimated.

In the beginning of the game, you will find a huge Powerbar which you can either eat to gain power or use it for a special purpose in the end of the game. If you are having trouble defeating the game, just eat the Powerbar once and you will have enough strength to crush those UGLY ‘:^)’.

Place need over greed and live your life the way you feel is right.

WASD - Movement
Left Click - Punch
Spacebar - Toggle Zoom for Camera
Right Click- Hug the Elderly Lady’s Face… (you’ll get there)
M - Mute Sounds

Note: Pressing W or S mid-air will allow you dash upwards/downwards/diagonally.

there’s no music because I’d rather just listen to my iTunes, I recommend that for sure.

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